All You Need To Know About The Manufacturers Of Zinc Chemicals

Global Chemical is a multinational company that basically produces zinc chloride. But now it is known to produce many more substitutes for zinc chemical.  From active zinc oxide to zinc sulfate it produces all most all substitutes of zinc that are required for vulcanizing and galvanizing in the industry.

The company holds the certification from ISO which you can check in and is a worldwide exporter. Being a Thailand based company the products of the company are exported to the various continents.

Application of Dry Rubber

Talking about dry rubber application, zinc oxide is considered to be the major chemical that plays an important role to achieve better vulcanization.  The company aims to produce zinc oxide having good surface area and also focus to reduce the particle size as small as possible. Keeping this two in mind vulcanization can be enhanced.

Application in The Filed Of Cosmetics

The zinc oxides that are developed on Global Chemical is anti UV. It is said that during sunlight the zinc oxide is stable and can give you a good protection from UVA rays as well UVB rays as compared to other sunscreen lotions. So lotion that is composed of zinc oxide helps you to stay protected from such rays.

Galvanising Application

Zinc chemical is also being developed in this company to support galvanizing industry. The flux produced by the company is of the right color and releases less smoke. This helps to save the zinc metal.

Animal Feed Industries

Other than the above-mentioned applications of the zinc chemicals, zinc chemical also have applications on plastics. Zinc chemical is basically used in plastics to protect it from UV rays and animal feed to deliver antibacterial nutrient.

The zinc chemical that is produced by the company has a wide range of application; you can also visit for further information.

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