Benefits of Opting For Manual Treadmill than Electric Treadmill

If you are looking for a manual treadmill, then you are in for quite a search. Shopping for an electric treadmill is way easier compared to searching a quality and reliable manual treadmill. The absence of motor gives it the name non-motorized treadmills. You have to set them in motion by running or running and thus are self-powered. If you are looking to buy one then visit

Points to consider while buying a manual treadmill:

There are some factors that you should compare before shopping for a manual treadmill. helps you break down the points that you should check while searching for a manual treadmill that’s suitable for you. Some of those points are as follows:

  • Maximum user weight the treadmill can handle.
  • The dimension of the treadmill to find out the amount of space it occupies.
  • The weight of the treadmill.
  • Whether the treadmill has an LCD
  • Price of the treadmill

Advantages of manual treadmills

It is found that users of manual treadmills expend 30% more energy compared to motorized treadmills at the same speed. You exercise your total lower body because it’s not a motor that’s moving the instead it’s your own effort that keeps the belt moving. So you will definitely burn more calories per mile. The absence of motor also facilitates the fact that you have a reduced risk of falling off the belt just in case you cant keep up with the belt’s speed. Manual treadmills are also less expensive compared to motorized treadmills and also they don’t use electricity.

Disadvantages of manual treadmills

Like almost everything manual treadmills also have disadvantages. Initially, it can be difficult to get the belt moving, this straining can stress your joints. It also lacks a lot of features that can be found in motorized treadmills, like built-in workouts, apps, and other features.

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