Different types of Package and Parcel Delivery

Parcel and package sending or receiving mails or sending packages are the various parts of the package delivery that is done. However, there are various local modes of transporting packages and parcels of various sizes across the nation and cities.

In this article, we will discuss various types of delivery service.

  • Post Office
  • Traditional Courier Service
  • On-Demand Delivery Application or door-to-door delivery

Post Office: One of the oldest parcel delivery services is through post office centers. When using post office you need to post your parcel before the prescribed time so that the delivery is guaranteed on next-day. The post office has express post delivery service which is the fastest means for sending parcels. The rates for post office are affordable especially for couriers of letters or any documents within the same province, inter-air, or inter-land. The drawbacks of using post office service are the rates are expensive for couriering parcels abroad or internationally. Locating a nearby post office location is troublesome as there are only a few branches in a city.

Traditional courier service: Nowadays there are multiple branches of courier service in numerous parts of the city and province. The other service provided by the courier service is to channel the people to pay their bills, send money and important documents, and traditionally send the parcels and other parcels across the nation.The most convenient service wherein you can easily find the branch near your location as there are many branches in a city. The rates are affordable for sending packages and parcels to accommodate all their customers. The disadvantage of using courier service is wastage of time for waiting, especially if the branch you choose is a busy branch. Another drawback if lack of tracking details.

On-demand delivery app / door-to-door delivery

The most technologically advanced mode of sending parcels. Using the on-demand delivery apps is convenient to deliver the parcel. The most important advantage of this type of service is they provide door-to-door delivery to save your time and effort. You can even track the parcel logistics.

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