Global Chemical Company Production Process and Quality Control

Global Chemical Company was started in 1974 to manufacture zinc oxide for use in various industry. The zinc chemicals produced by the company are active zinc oxide, composite zinc oxide, zinc carbonate, BP and USP grade zinc oxide, zinc flux, and zinc oxide feed grade. These different grades of zinc oxide are manufactured based on their use and various applications in the industry. For further details click here on

Production Process

The Global Chemical Company have their production house which also hasa research and development department for maintaining the quality. Some of the products manufactured by the company are produced by using better but unconventional process, however, Active Zinc Oxide is produced using the wet process method, which is a complicated process and more expensive than the old conventional method, that is, French process.The Active zinc oxide made using wet process have larger surface area and small particle size. Thus, it is used effectively in rubber products giving them better reactivity, transparency, mechanical strength, low heavy metals content, and also aging property. You can click here on the link of the website for the production process.

Quality Control

The laboratory of Global Chemical Company is well-equipped and follow strict quality control policies to ensure complete customer satisfaction and production of consistent products. All the employees of the company are chemists or engineers, the sales team is technically competent and are well-versed in the process and thus ensure customer satisfaction and achieve positive feedback. The Global Chemical is a zinc chemical manufacturing company, but as zinc oxide is also used in rubber industry, they have well-equipped compounding laboratory to test the products before exporting them to the rubber industry.

Click here for details about the Global Chemical Company. The company possesses three laboratories and one small pilot plant. There are two manufacturing plants for quality control purpose, development of new product, and research on the application process.

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